Welcome to lovebirdvalley.com. A website dedicated to pet birds lovers and keepers. This website was started due to a deep love and passion of its owner with pet birds.

I have been keeping birds since my childhood and I absolutely love these pretty creatures. I remember the day when I was in high school my dad bought me two pairs of budgerigars in a small cage. From that day onward my love for birds has grown many times. Over the years I kept many species of birds from zebra finches to larger parrots like African Greys. Now I want to share my experience and expertise with others.

We provide pet birds lovers all the necessary information and resources they need to give absolute care to their pet birds. Our mission is to educate people enough so that birds thrive in their possession.

We cover almost all birds from small finches to large parrot species. All aspects of pet care are covered, from buying a new pet bird to their housing, diet, breeding, pairing and health.


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