The Importance of Bird Bathing and Spraying

Bathing and spraying has tremendous benefits for your pet birds. In the wild, birds benefit from bathing in the rain water but in captivity they do not get much opportunity to bath in the natural rain water. If you do not give your pet birds enough bathing and showering, their plumage can become rough and dull. Birds who bath regularly show a distinct appearance from those that do not.

Bird water spray

If your pet birds are not used to this before, they may show a dislike for this initially. But after a couple of times they may start getting used to it. If your birds show a dislike for a water spray on their body, you can use a different method. For example, you can place a water container inside the bird cage. Birds who take baths regularly display gestures of extreme pleasure when they know that they are going to have bath soon.

Pet birds who live indoors can have their plumage become very dry due to the heating system inside most homes. If your bird is a hand reared bird, then it will be very easy for you to teach it to bath with the method you choose. For birds who live in cages and aviaries, it will take some time for them to get used to bathing with either a spray bottle or a water container.

I give all my birds a bath from a spray bottle at least twice a weak. The spray bottle for a spray bath is easily availble from plastic shops. It contains a water bottle and a spray handle is attached to it. You can adjust the amount of water it sprays from the spray nozzle. I spray them with fresh tap water in the morning time so that they can easily dry their feathers before sunset.

Some of my budgies are very fond of bathing with the spray bottle. When I spray on them they show extreme pleasure from this activity. Some of them come near the spray bottle and open their wings to get water on any dry areas remaining on their bodies. Giving them shower with a spray bottle also stimulates them to breeding as breeding season of wild budgies comes soon after heavy rains.

If your birds are not used to bath from a spray bottle, start with a light shower in the beginning. Gradually increase the amount of water you spray on them so that they may not get stressed out. Birds who bath regularly have a shiny and bright plumage. These birds are more active and look very happy. If your birds do not like the spray experience then place a water tub inside their cage so that they can also bath.

Some of my zebra finches used to take bath in the water container even in cold winter mornings. I got worried about their health but I had never seen any illness in them due to bathing in the cold winter season. When there is a rain, all my aviary parrots gather under the rain water to take bath in it. When I provide them the green leafy vegetables, they try to make their feathers wet by splashing on them.

bird bath

Your birds need nothing more for bathing than the simple tap water. There is no need to add soaps and antiseptics in the spray water. They can cause your birds more harm than good if you add detergents or anything else in the spray bottle of your parrot. Spraying with detergents in the bath water can further dry their feathers and if your bird happens to drink the spray water with antiseptics added to it can cause your bird to get into some serious trouble.

Give a bird bath to your birds in the morning time so that they have enough time to dry their feathers before sunset. Drying the birds with the hair dryers is not a recommended practice as these instruments can further dry their feathers. If your bird is a tame bird who lives indoors then you can use a ceiling fan to make its feathers dry. Birds who live outdoors in cages or aviaries can dry their feathers in the natural air.

Bird baths are especially important for those birds who have some breathing problems or who are excessive feather pluckers. Bathing helps to eliminate behavioral problems in birds. Birds who are over stressed also find some relief from stress when they take bath in the water containers placed inside their cages. Birds who are molting also benefits from bathing. Bath helps their pin feathers to become soft and smooth.

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