Training a Budgie to Step-Up on Your Finger

budgie step up training

Training a budgie to step up on your finger is the most basic training you can give to your pet budgerigar. This training can be given to any budgie and at any age. Training your budgie to step-up on your finger can be very beneficial in many ways. Firstly, it builds trust and friendly relationship between the owner and the budgie which is helpful in giving more advanced training to your budgie.

step up training

Secondly, in case if your budgie escapes and flies to an unfamiliar territory such as on the top of curtains or ceiling fan, you can easily call your budgie back if he is properly trained to step up on your finger. If the budgie is trained to fly to your finger and habitually eats his favorite food from your hand, you can easily make a familiar sound or call his name to come back to you no matter where he is sitting, so you have a better chance to rescue your budgie.


You can teach your budgie to step-up on your finger both when it is inside or outside its cage. You can place your budgie on a T bar stand to make this training easy for you and your budgie. Bring your hand near your budgie’s chest and slightly push its chest with you finger until the budgie gets out of balance. In order to balance himself, he will put one of his feet on your finger. Lift your finger slightly until the budgie places both its feet on your finger and sits comfortably on it.

budgie training

Gently speak a word or a phrase such as “step-up” or “come on” or a whistle which he can recognize later whenever you want him to fly to you and sit on your finger. Give him his favorite item of food or a treat to make him relaxed and comfortable while sitting on your finger. Utter some encouraging words like “good budgie” etc. Practice this exercise several more times so that it becomes habitual.

Teaching your budgie to step-up on your finger is the first step towards teaching him to fly to your hand from a distance. Once he has learned this step, you can now place him on his cage or on a T-bar stand and stand at some distance from your budgie. Now call that familiar word or sound and offer your hand simultaneously so that he flies to your hand and sits on your finger. Praise him for doing this and give him a treat as a reward.

baby budgie training

You can now gradually increase the flight distance until your budgie learns to fly to your finger from longer distances and even from another room. Offer him his favorite food items for obeying with the required behavior. This training is also very helpful if your budgie accidentally flies outside and gets into a dangerous situation. A large number of pet owners have lost their parrots because their budgies are not sufficiently trained.

Pet budgies often escape outside due to a window or a door happened to remain open at times. You can call your budgie back instantly if you have given him training to fly to your hand from longer distances. In this case you can save your loved parrot from getting into a dangerous situation because small parrots like budgies often become an easy prey for wild birds and animals.

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